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Skull Bracelet – turquoise skulls (beads)


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A superb Turquoise Skull Bead Bracelet with an incomparable style. This Turquoise Shamballa Bracelet will protect travelers and open your third eye! 


The Turquoise Stone is mainly known as a purification stone that would help to effectively dissipate negative energies and would be able to protect against various external physical pollutants, as well as against negative external influences. In addition, it is considered as a protective stone that aligns and balances different chakras.

Furthermore, it is said to promote inner and spiritual relaxation and a return to calm.

The Turquoise Stone is said to be of great use in stabilizing emotions and helping to soothe the heart and mind in order to overcome various emotional wounds and to dissipate emotional stress.

As it is associated with the throat chakra, this stone is said to be able to make you let go to help you develop your ability to relate to others through communication and listening.

Its ability to open up the third eye chakra is also said to develop intuitions in addition to strengthening meditation (it is often said that the turquoise stone should be placed on the third eye during meditation, as it can help to give rise to psychic visions also known as clairvoyant abilities).

Finally, it would strengthen friendship, soothe anger, and promote the blossoming of love by playing on the heart chakra.

A protective stone for travelers

The Turquoise Stone Bracelet would also be recommended for the protection of travelers who would like to protect themselves from theft and accidents. The Turquoise stone was known to be a protective stone for personnel working in aviation.

  • Materials (Stone) Turquoise
  • One size (adjustable)
  • No Form of discomfort on your skin
  • Careful details
  • Length: 16cm ~ 22cm


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