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Skull Bracelet – Tibetan Bones


Tibetan Bone Skull Bracelets traditionally represent death. Our Tibetan Bracelets are handmade. Buddhists incorporated Tibetan skull into malas to materialize the impermanence of life and the human knowledge bounds.


These handmade mala beads help chanters think upon the inevitability of death and the necessity of embracing lives with compassion. Tibetan skull beads are carved from yak bone to honor the beasts that serve mankind and to inspire devotees to moreover serve their fellowmen. Carving skull-shaped beads from bone highlight the skull’s symbolism.

    • Handmade
    • Materials: Natural Yak Bones
    • One size¬†
    • No Form of discomfort on your skin
    • Careful details
    • Size: 6 x 5 mm or 10 x 9 mm


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