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Skull Bracelet – Great King (Beads)


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With this Skull Beads Bracelet, pay tribute to the Great King. It will bring you dignity and self-confidence. Trust him and wear his skull bracelet.


This skull bracelet is a set of two bracelets, one with a skull and one with a crown. You can wear them together or separately


Hematite benefits

Hematite stone is particularly effective in nurturing, protecting, and harmonizing mind, body, and spirit. It protects the soul and connects it to the body during astral travel. It is a powerful yang element, it balances the meridians and dissolves negativity, preventing negative energies from entering the aura. Psychologically it supports shy women, expands self-esteem and survival instinct. It strengthens will and reliability and imparts confidence. Mentally it stimulates concentration and focus. It enhances memory and original thoughts. Physically, haematite has a powerful connection to blood.

Black Agate Benefits

It is said that black agate promotes vigor, strength, and perseverance, helps you learn lessons by imparting self-confidence and helping you to be in harmony with your environment, it is a protective stone because of the way it repels and deflects negative energy.

  • Materials (Stone): Natural Black Agate (Onyx), Shimmering Hematite
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Careful details
  • Length: 18cm ~ 22cm (stretchy elastic)


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