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Skull Bracelet – Black Onyx (Beads)


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Discover out Black Onyx Skull Beads Bracelet which is one of the best sellers of our shop. Discreet and elegant, it suits all tastes.


  • Materials (Stone): Onyx Mat, Silver Alloy
  • One size (adjustable)
  • No form of discomfort on your skin
  • Careful details
  • Length: 18cm ~ 22cm (stretchy elastic)

Black Onyx benefits

Contrary to medieval beliefs, lithotherapists believe that onyx has great and positive qualities. It is said to be the stone of stability and reinforcement. This stone would be linked to the root chakra, the one at the base of the spine, which contains the “kundalini”, vital energy coiled there three and a half times on itself like a snake. The onyx would help build self-esteem, confidence, and self-control. It would stabilize fickle people and give them the strength to cope with life’s upheavals. As a catalyst for successful meditation, it would help to find what one is looking for, thus helping to see the true nature of things.
Another important quality, onyx would allow us to purify karma, which is to say to overcome the consequences of acts or traumas from past lives.
From a physical point of view, onyx would have protective virtues for the teeth and mouth, it would facilitate speech if it is too fast or badly controlled and would help with vocal problems. In addition, it would increase resistance to cold, sharpen the functioning of the five senses, and, in particular, act on ear problems (balance, inner ear, tinnitus).


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